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Israeli court extends the arrest of Palestinian accused of killing two soldiers
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Jerusalem, ALRAY- The Israeli court of Petah Tikva extended on Wednesday the arrest of a Palestinian youth on a charge of causing a traffic accident that killed and wounded a number of Israeli soldiers west of Tulkarem northern of the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli channel 7 reported that the Israeli police conducted an investigation in the accident which took place on Tuesday evening on road 6 near "Netzani Oz" settlement located on Palestinian lands west of Tulkarem.
The accident led to the killing of two Israeli soldiers and wounding ten others, one of them his condition was described as serious.
It pointed out that the Palestinian was driving a truck when it hit three military jeeps were standing by the side of the road.


The occupation authorities are investigating with the Palestinian youth, who is a resident in the east of the occupied Jerusalem; to see whether he hit the military jeeps deliberately by the truck or it was just a traffic accident.