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Protests in Europe supporting prisoners and March of return
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Gaza, ALRAY - Several sit-ins were held in different countries in Europe supporting Palestinians. In the city of Koblenz, citizens launched a solidarity protest supporting the Palestinian prisoners in the occupation's prisons and the Great March of Return. Members of the Palestinian community in Koblenz also participated in the protest.


The participants raised pictures of a number of Palestinian prisoners, including photographs of the detained child Ahd al-Tamimi, the Jerusalemite prisoner Isra Jabais, and signs supporting Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons.


The French capital, Paris, also witnessed a protest supporting the Palestinian prisoners and demanding an end to the siege on Gaza Strip.


A number of Danish institutions that support the Palestinian right organized a mass protest in Copenhagen in which the Palestinian Forum in Denmark. A number of Palestinian, Arab and Islamic communities participated.


The participants raised Palestinian flags and banners calling for the boycott of the occupation, and other banners advocating the Palestinian right and demanding the freedom of the Palestinian people.


This march comes as part of a series of activities and protests supporting the Great March of Return and rejecting the occupation's practices against peaceful demonstrators.

France also renewed it's condemnation of the Israeli occupation army's random firing towards peaceful demonstrators in Gaza, and expressed their condemnation of the killing of five new victims in the past few days.


The deputy spokesman of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs said in a statement about the situation in Gaza "The French president expressed his concern over the situation in the Gaza Strip during a phone call with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on April 21."


He explained that it is necessary to put an end to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip by ending the siege and providing reliable security guarantees to Israel".


The French official finally called on the concerned authorities to use force proportionately in accordance with international humanitarian law