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US didn't fulfill financial obligations to Palestine for a year: PA Offical
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Ramallah, ALRAY – The United States administration has not fulfilled its financial commitments to Palestine for over one year, said the spokesperson for the Palestinian government Yousef al-Mahmoud late Saturday evening, meaning the recent US announcement of halting aid to Palestine was not something fresh.

“The US announcement comes as part of the policy of blackmail and pressure practiced by President [Donald] Trump towards the Palestinian leadership to force it to accept the so-called “deal of the century,” Al-Mahmoud said in a press statement.

He said, “The Palestinian people and their leadership will not give up to any blackmail and will not compromise their national constants in return for anything. The national constants are sacred to every Palestinian.”

The spokesperson called on all countries that have pledged to embrace the peace process to shoulder their responsibilities to stand up to “the policies that lead to more tension.”

The statement came in response to the US decision to cancel $200 million in aid to the Palestinians in the occupied territories.