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300 Palestinian minors in Israeli jails prisoners denied access to new school year
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Gaza, ALRAY -- 300 Palestinian children in Israeli jails, including three young girls, were denied access to their schools, as their counterparts, in the new school year 2018-2019, director of the Prisoners' Center for Studies, Raafat Hamdouna, said.


Hamdouna said in a statement that Israeli prison administration and Israeli government ignored the privacy of these detained children and their requirements confirmed by international agreements and conventions.


He called on children's rights organizations to follow up on the situation of minor detainees in Israeli prisons and to pressure the Israeli occupation to allow them attending their schools and peruse their education like other children in the world.

Nearly one million and 300.000 students in Palestine headed back to schools this morning, where 300 children, including 3 girls, in prison were denied access to schools, he pointed out.


Israeli occupation authorities commit many violations against detained children, such as psychological and physical torture, torture and intimidation of dogs, also the use of illegal means such as deception, false promises, cruel treatment, military deterrent courts and unfair laws, solitary confinement and the use of force, as well as detaining them in places that are not suitable for them and their ages.


Hamdouna called on children's rights organizations to protect and hear the testimonies of minor detainees in Israeli prisons and to hold the occupation accountable for its crimes against them.