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IOF demolishes 3 houses in Bethlehem and another in Hebron
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Hebron, ALRAY-Israeli occupation bulldozers demolished three houses on Monday at dawn, in ALwalaja village northwest of Bethlehem in southern west bank and another house in area of Mossafer Yatta in Hebron.

In ALwalajah, Israeli occupation force demolished a number of Palestinian houses after few hours after informing their owners of demolishing process, local sources reported.

Locals gathered in front of one of the houses to prevent demolition, amid a huge gathering of Israeli forces. The IOF dispersed them and began demolition process.

 They also demolished an agricultural caravan in the same town.

In Musafer yatta area, Israeli bulldozers demolished a residential room owned by Yosef abu Aram in Khirbet Qweiwis, activist Ratib Allbour said