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Israel builds 150 settlement units on Palestinian lands
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Occupied Jerusalem,  ALRAY - Local committee of zoning and planning of Israeli municipality of occupied Jerusalem is to discuss Wednesday establishing 150 settlement units in Biet Haneena northern occupied Jerusalem , 75 of them are allocated for Israeli settlers and the rest for sailing to Arab.

The plan is drawn under the pretext of building for local residents of Biet Hanina to solve housing crisis, it aims to expand the settler’s existence in the neighborhood as it will allocate 75 housing units for settlers.  

Israel Hayom paper claimed that  the allocated area for building is bought in 1973 by Israeli ambassador to Iran , however Palestinians lived in the area till 2012.

The Palestinian residents were expelled from the land and the residential building following a lawsuit filed by Aryeh King, a member of the Israeli municipality, who is the director of the Fund of Israel land.

Settlers took over the residential building from which the Palestinian residents were expelled. The building contains 4 residential units. The area of the land is 11 dunums. According to the municipality's plan, 8 residential towers will be built between 7 and 12 floors.

The neighborhood of Beit Hanina has 7 families of settlers and five single young men who seized property for Palestinians claiming ownership of these properties by forging documents.