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IOF beat to death Palestinian detainee in his bedroom
IOF beat to death Palestinian detainee in his bedroom
Palestinian youth Mohammed al-Khateeb,24
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinian youth Mohammed al-Khateeb,24, beat to death Tuesday morning by Israeli forces in his bedroom after raiding his house.

Detainees club quoted his family as saying that Israeli occupation forces raided the house and beat him brutally before taking him and announcing his death.   

Detainee club shoulder Israeli occupation the responsibility of al-Khateeb death, , Which is added to the long list of crimes and executions carried out against detainees in detention camps, bringing the number of martyrs detainees to 217 martyrs since 1967.


The club warned of the silence of the international community and institutions towards Israeli violations of Palestinians human rights, considering this silence cover for killing Palestinians.

Al-Khateeb is the third Palestinians that killed while being detained for this year. Israeli occupation forces beat to death Yassen Assaradeh from Jericho while detaining him on Feb.22.2018. A released video footage showed that IOF shooting Assaradeh on his abdominal from zero distance. 

The Palestinian detainee Azeez A’waisat from Jerusalem killed in Israeli detention after being beat by Nahshon force inside the detention.