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In 101st anniversary of "Balfour Declaration" ... World campaign demands Britain for bearing responsibility
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London, ALRAY – The Palestinian Popular Conference for Palestinians abroad stated that an ongoing, global, legal, and political campaign is released for demanding Britain to bear its legal and political responsibilities due to the dramatic outputs of the Balfour Declaration on the Palestinian people. The declaration is regarded as a "crime" by all standards.


The Conference, in a statement, called upon the whole Palestinians, countries, and civil society organizations, supported the Palestinian right for sending letters for the British embassies around the world, the Prime, the British prime ministerial, as well the British Foreign Office.


The campaign aims at sparing no efforts in achieving the Palestinian rights and suppressing the Israeli occupation. 

The campaign adopts peaceful and legal ways in order to revive this demand.

The popular conference pointed that the Palestinian people live harsh circumstances due to the ongoing Israeli occupation, usurped the Palestinians' lands and expelled them.