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Press release by Ministry of Education and Higher Education regarding Israeli aggression on educational institutions:
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 Based on the dangerous situations on the ground due to the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, the MOE has decided to suspend school hours on all educational institutions on Tuesday 13, Nov,2018.


The ministry condemned the new Israeli barbaric offensive, which lead to indirect damages for several schools and education facilities after targeting civilian housing units last night. Both Ahlam Al-Harazeen High School and Abed Al-Aziz Rantaisi primary School were partially damaged.


University College of Applied Science, south of Gaza city, was severely damaged when an Israeli F16 warplane attacked a civilian target nearby.


The Ministry also documented the complete destruction of "Smart education center" located in Al-Yazgi building which was targeted directly with F16 missiles.  In addition, to the severe damages in Shaed Kindergarten in the same area.


The Ministry considered the Israeli occupation attacks on the educational facilities is a stark violation of the international norms and laws including United Nations and UNESCO resolutions, calling all these originations to intervene immediately to prevent the continuous Israeli attacks against educational institutions in the Gaza Strip.


Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Gaza – Palestine