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Hamas movement vehemently denounces Israeli deliberate targeting of civilians, civilian facilities
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Hamas movement vehemently denounced Tuesday the Israeli deliberate targeting of civilians and civilian facilities, including the headquarter of Al-Aqsa TV Channel, Al-Amal Hotel, and houses of Palestinian civilians during the Israeli massive bombardment of the enclave.

According to the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949 and International Humanitarian Law, civilians and civilian properties must be given full protection and be neutralised.

While the Israeli occupation is crossing all the red lines and overriding all international conventions, Hamas movement urges the United Nations, Security Council to hold the Israeli military leaders accountability and immediately turn them to the International Criminal Court for their blatant violations. An independent probe into the atrocious Israeli crimes should be declared right now and Hamas is ready to provide all proofs and evidences about the Israeli crimes against humanity.

Moreover, we call on the International Red Cross to intervene immediately in order to minimize the number of fatalities among civilians as the Israeli fighter jets have been striking only civilian places since the occupation has started the ongoing massive wave of attacks on Gaza yesterday evening.

Although the Israeli bombardment is violent and abhorrent, we confirm that Hamas shows restraint and abides by all international laws and conventions.

Finally, we stress that civilians, civilian places, hospitals and media organisations MUST be neutralised.