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Israeli military navy detains two Palestinian fishermen from Rafah coast
  • Gaza News
  • 11:12 10 December 2018
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Gaza, ALRAY – The Head of the Fishermen's syndicate, Nezar Ayyash, stated to ALRAY that the Israeli military navy detained Monday morning the Palestinian fishermen, Naser El-Nada and Mohammed Seidam, from Rafah coast, the southern Gaza Strip, seized their boats, and took them to an unknown destination.


The Israeli navy routinely attacks Gazan fishermen and their fishing boats in the context of Israel’s closure of the Gaza Strip, which includes restrictions on the Gaza fishing zone that deprives members of the fishing community of their right to work and puts fishermen’s life and their wellbeing at serious risk.


The attacks include violations on the right of livelihood, harassment, shooting, arbitrary arrest, and detention that involves abuse, and confiscation of property including fishing boats and nets.