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Israel continues legalizing its racist procedures against Palestinian prisoners: PPS
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Ramallah, ALRAY – The head of the Palestinians Prisoners Society (PPS), Qaddoura Fares stated that a majority vote in the Israeli Knesset to deprive Palestinian prisoners of early release after servicing two-thirds of their sentences.

This is due to a systematic policy carried out by Israel through enacting legislative racist laws as retaliation against the Palestinian prisoners.


Fares added, in a press release, that by approving these legislations, it would be a start for implementing them. As well most of the racist legislations have changed from an existing procedure into legislations, considering that any suggestion of implementing is a disinformation.


Israel deprived the majority of Palestinian prisoners of utilizing form the early release, as the Israeli authorities refused to release hundreds of patient Palestinian prisoners after servicing two-thirds of their sentences, according to Fares.


The Israeli Knesset voted at the first reading to prevent the early release for any Palestinian prisoner, so that means Palestinian prisoners cannot obtain the early release after servicing two-thirds of their sentences.