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UK government delegation visits Khan Al Ahmar
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Jerusalem, ALRAY -- Official spokesman for British government in the Middle East and North Africa, Edwin Samuel, visited the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin village, east of occupied Jerusalem, which is threatened with demolition and displacement.


The delegation visited the Al Khan Al Ahmar School, which is under threat of demolition, where about 300 students receive their education.


Samuel told a newspaper that his government is deeply concerned about the clear intentions of the Israeli government to evacuate and demolish the Bedouin village, as it represents a symbol of a two-state solution for Britain.


"We, the British Government, sympathize with the people of the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar village who have been living in the region for a long time. They represent a sense of coexistence and harmony." Samuel said.


He stressed that his government used every opportunity to express its opposition to the Israeli decision to demolish the Khan Al Ahmar and transfer it to the Israeli political level.