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22 Palestinian laborers detained in 1948 territories
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West Bank, Gaza -- 22 Palestinian workers got arrested by Israeli occupation police on Tuesday evening, on the pretext of entering "Israel" without official work permits.

14 workers among the detainees are from the Gaza Strip, Hebrew sources reported.

The workers were found in abandoned buildings in the Tamra area of Jalil, where they were taken for interrogation at Israeli police stations, the sources added.

The Israeli occupation forces pursue Palestinian workers from the West Bank and Gaza Strip who work in the 48 territories and carrying out arrest campaigns against them on the grounds that they do not have permits.

Though, most of them have official permits and the police tear them up and deport them to the West Bank.

Recently, Israeli occupation police have imposed sanctions on any person found hosting Palestinian workers as shop owners, and construction workers in Israel. Penalties include closing workshops, fines and imprisonment.