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Injuries among detainees in IPS suppress in Ofer detention
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West Bank, ALRAY - About 1200 Palestinian detainees in Ofer prison started Tuesday a hunger strike in a protest against storming the cells and beat the detainees.  

Palestinian detainee club explained in a statement Tuesday that Israeli Prison Services returned 150 detainees to detention after treating them in prison clinic. Israeli restrain forces stormed ten cells in Ofer prison, including cells of child detainees, and beat them.  

The club explained that six detainees sustained fractures and 40 with injuries in head, Israeli forces deliberately beat detainees on their heads.

The most affected cells in the detention center were cell number 15 where all the detainees are beaten and section number 11 where Israeli forces set fire in two cells.

Palestinian detainees in Ofer prison refused to attend a meeting with IPS, unless they allowed to hold a meeting between the representatives of all factions in the detention center. Accordingly, the meeting of the representatives of the factions will be held at 11:00 pm, although they continue to return meals.

The detainees decided to close all the sections and inform the IPS that they drop the collective responsibility for the detainees as individuals as a hint that factions are not responsible of any confrontation with detainees.

IPS in Ofer detention continued for the third day in a raw its crackdown against detainees along with searching cells and beat detainees.

About 100 detainees were injured in Ofer, by Israeli occupation forces 'attack , who fired  of rubber bullets, tear gas, stun grenades, batons and dogs.

The club explained that most of the detainees shot by rubber bullets, and about 20 detainees are still  in prison clinic.