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Nayib Bukele claims victory in El-Salvador presidential election
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Salvador, ALRAY - Nayib Bukele, of Palestinian origin, and a former mayor of El Salvador’s capital, has won a landslide victory in Sunday’s presidential election, winning more votes than his two closest rivals.

The supreme electoral court declared Bukele the winner, saying he had nearly 54% of the votes, with nearly 90% of ballots counted.

He stood on an anti-corruption platform and campaigned on the slogan: “There’s enough money when no one steals.”

Bukele, 37, made his political debut in 2012 as a small-town mayor with the now-ruling FMLN and won election in the capital three years later, automatically making him a potential presidential contender. But his frequent criticism of the leftist party’s leadership led to his expulsion, and he wound up as the unlikely standard-bearer of a small conservative party known as the Grand Alliance for National Unity, whose initials –Gana – mean “win” in Spanish.

Bukele is the youngest presidential candidate. He is 37 years old and is of Palestinian origin and one of about 100,000 Salvadorans of Palestinian origin living in El Salvador, mostly Christians, whose ancestors migrated to El Salvador in the early 20th century.

Nayib Bukele was born on 24 July 1981, in San Salvador. He is the son of Olga Ortez de Bukele and Armando Bukele Kattán, a renowned businessman and local imam of Palestinian descent. At a very young age, Nayib was recognized for his skills and spirit of entrepreneurship. At just 18, he already ran a company. According to an article in the digital newspaper El Faro, Nayib Bukele is the owner of Yamaha Motors El Salvador, a company that sells and distributes Yamaha products in El Salvador. He was also the Director & President of OBERMET, S.A. DE C.V.