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Israeli occupation court fines Palestinian child prisoner last month
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Ramallah, ALRAY-The Prisoners' Affairs Committee said that Israeli occupation court imposed prison terms on a number of Palestinian minors held in Ofer detention center and imposed heavy fines on them, total of it reached to more than 60,000 shekels last month.

Committee added, “In the last month, 57 children were taken to the prisoners' section at Ofer detention center, 39 of whom were arrested from houses, 10 from the roads, two at military checkpoints and one without a permit. And five after being summoned”.
It is noted that a minor prisoner among them arrested after being shot, and 17 others who were subjected to barbaric attacks during their arrest and interrogation.
Prisoners committee pointed out that the number of children sentenced in the same month is 28, and that there is still a minor prisoner in administrative detention.

Number of prisoners who are currently in detention is 123 children