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Israeli occupation continues detention of 49 Palestinian female prisoners
Israeli occupation continues detention of 49 Palestinian female prisoners
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Gaza, ALRAY - Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs asserted that the Israeli occupation continues to violate the rights of Palestinian women through its repressive practices against them, where 16 thousand of Palestinian women have been detained since 1967.


The commission stressed, on the International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8 every year, that the Palestinian women are still being killed, detained, and exposed to mass, systematic violations of human rights by the Israeli occupation, calling upon all human rights institutions and defenders of the women’s rights to urgently end the sufferance of the Palestinian female prisoners.


The commission said that the Israeli occupation exercises the most brutal forms of physical and psychological torture and ill-treatment against Palestinian women throughout the process of their imprisonment.


It pointed out that the Israeli occupation conducted, during the current year, a wide-scale campaign of arrests against Palestinian women without taking into account the status of women’s rights, where dozens of female prisoners were subjected to cruel assaults in front of their families, and others were experienced difficult physical and mental interrogation conditions.


The commission noted that 49 female prisoners have still been languishing in the Israeli jail of Damon, including 20 mothers and six suffered gunshot wounds throughout the process of detention.


It pointing out that half of the female prisoners are serving various prison sentences up to 16 years, while the other half are still under arrest.


The commission added that the female prisoners, including both cases of sickness and the wounded, have been subjected to deliberate medical negligence by the Israeli prison administration, as they have complained for long years the absence of a female physician in the prison clinic to care for them.


Female prisoner Israa Jaabis, who is being held behind Israeli bars, sustained the most severe injuries among female prisoners and needs to undergo urgent surgical operations after being suffered severe burns in her body while detaining her, where eight of her fingers were amputated.


The commission pointed out that the prison, where the Palestinian female prisoners are held, contravenes all international and humanitarian norms and laws, and is an egregious violation to the Fourth Geneva Convention in which the article 85 states that prisoners of war must be provided of a healthy environment.