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Majedo detainees call for pressure on occupation to stop installation of jamming devices
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Jenin, ALRAY-The prisoners of Megiddo prison called on human rights and humanitarian organizations led by the International Committee of the Red Cross, to exert pressure on Israeli occupation authorities to stop the installation of jamming devices inside the prison.

The detainees, in a letter carried by the prisoner Kassem Abu Bakr from the town of Yabad, southwest of Jenin, who was released from Majedo yesterday after 18 months, said that the Israeli authorities have started to install jamming devices in some sections, and continues the policy of isolating and depriving detainees. The prisoner Yasser al-Amer was transferred from the isolation of Majedo to the isolation of Shatta.
Abu Bakr also referred to the suffering of the sick prisoners due to the policy of deliberate medical negligence against them. They only provided them painkillers, in addition to their daily suffering because they didn’t meet their humanitarian needs and demands of life, especially minors’ prisoners.