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Israeli forces fire teargas near Hebron school, students, teacher suffocate
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Hebron, ALRAY – Dozens of Palestinian students and a teacher Tuesday morning suffocated from teargas fired by Israeli forces near a school in Hebron.

Local sources reproted that soldiers broke into the Hebron Elementary School in the southern part of Hebron city, as students and teachers were on their way to classes.

Soldiers fired tear gas canisters inside the school compound, causing dozens of students and a teacher to suffocate from excessive teargas inhalation. 

Casualties were moved to a hospital for treatment.

Soldiers attempted to run over some students who were in the vicinity of the school.

Hebron Elementary School is one of nine Palestinian schools located in the H2 area of Hebron, which falls under Israel’s civil and military control and remains at the most risk of attacks. School children have to access military checkpoints in the H2 area to access their schools.