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Human rights organization calls to end Israeli crimes against the Palestinians
Human rights organization calls to end Israeli crimes against the Palestinians
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London, ALRAY -- Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain condemned the used of lethal force by Israeli occupation forces against peaceful Palestinian crowds in Saturday’s rallies marking the anniversary of Land Day in the Gaza Strip.


In a press statement the organization said that IOF used live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas canisters against the demonstrators, killing four civilians, injuring 316 others, including 86 children and 29 women, and wounding three paramedics and seven journalists.

 Israeli occupation forces have consistently confronted Palestinian people with excessive force without justification. During the year of the return marches on the border with the Gaza Strip, 270 Palestinians, including 59 children, journalists and 3 paramedics, were killed.


The statement pointed out that the number of injuries to about 30714 citizens, including 3261 children, 668 paramedics and 354 journalists, in addition to the total and partial damage caused to ambulances and some facilities in public and private property.

The Arab organization stressed that Israeli bloody practices with dissuade Palestinian people of calling of their rights, and will not silence their voice that rejects all Israeli crimes and efforts seeking to end Palestinian presence and judaizing Jerusalem.


It also called on international community and the Secretary-General of United Nations to urgently intervene to curb Israeli occupation in order to avoid further casualties and put an end to its crimes against Palestinians.