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IOF expropriates lands in Tubas, Hebron, Nablus for settlement
IOF expropriates lands in Tubas, Hebron, Nablus for settlement
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West Bank, ALRAY-Israeli occupation authorities issued on Monday a decision to expropriate 400 dunums of lands belong to Palestinian citizens of Tubas and Tammoun and Tayasir towns east of the city to build settlement roads.

"The lands related to the resolution are private lands owned by citizens. The area is 384 dunums," said the official of the Jordan Valley file in the Tubas province, Moataz Bisharat. 
The occupation army has been seeking to curb the presence of Palestinian citizens in those areas, which are all classified as areas (c).
In Hebron, Israeli occupation forces seized dozens of dunums of agricultural lands from the towns of Halhoul and Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, to expand a settlement road.
According to the manager of the office of wall and settlement resistance organization in Bethlehem, Hassan Bureijia, that the Israeli occupation forces issued a military order to seize vast lands in Halhul and Beit Ummar to expand the settlement road between occupied Jerusalem and the settlement of Gush Etzion.
He pointed out that this arbitrary measure comes as a method of occupation by appropriating lands for military use, but in fact it is taken for settlement purposes.
In Nablus, Israeli occupation authorities have decided to seize hundreds of donums from the lands of seven villages south of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank to build a settlement road.
The official of the file of settlements in the northern West Bank Ghassan Douglas said that the occupation authorities issued a decision to acquire about 406 dunums of the land of seven villages; in order to create a bypass road to be taken by settlers instead of Huwwara Street.
He pointed out that the occupation claims that the road is a solution to the general needs of transportation and "security" in the region.
The decision was signed by the so-called "head of civil administration," Douglas said in a statement.