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IOF demolishes house of martyr Saleh al-Barghouti in Ramallah
IOF demolishes house of martyr Saleh al-Barghouti in Ramallah
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Ramallah, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) demolished on Wednesday at daybreak the house of martyr Saleh al-Barghouti in the village of Kobar, northwest of the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.


Local sources reported that a large Israeli military force accompanied with bulldozers broke into the village, circled the house of al-Barghouti, with several soldiers climbed up rooftops of the neighboring houses, and then commenced destruction of the house.


Omar al-Barghouti, Saleh’s father, stressed that the demolition of their house will not ruin their will and determination, adding that sons are priceless and that Palestine worth sacrificing for.


Chairman of the Kobar village council said that the house of al-Barghouti is the fourth to have been demolished by the IOF for the past two years.


He asserted that they will not allow the IOF to displace any Palestinian family over this criminal attack, adding that these crimes will never affect the spirits and steadfastness of the Palestinian people.


It’s noteworthy that the IOF has accused the 29-year-old martyr Saleh Barghouti of carrying out a shooting attack near the “Ofra” illegal settlement in Ramallah along with his 33-year-old imprisoned brother Assem, whose house was also demolished last month.