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Gaza Christians forbidden from Jerusalem
Gaza Christians forbidden from Jerusalem
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities banned Palestinian Christians in Gaza from visiting holy Christians sites in occupied Jerusalem and Bethlehem to celebrate Passover .

Haaretz paper reported that Israeli authorities allowed just 200 Palestinian Christians in Gaza aged over 55 years to celebrate Passover in Jordan only, banning them from visiting Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

Christians in Gaza used to celebrate Passover in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, but Israeli occupation authorities banned them this year.

The paper quoted the Christian activists as saying that Israeli authorities approved the travel of 200 aged over 55 year-old to Jordan, what shall they do their?

He added that what we need is to visit Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and Bethlehem to visit out relatives in West Bank.

He noted that about 800-900 applications to Jerusalem and the West Bank were submitted , but only 200 requests have been approved, indicates that this is not a matter of facilitation.

The Israeli left-wing organization "Gisha" said it had received complaints about the restrictions imposed on the "Passover".

It said that this extreme violation of freedom of movement, worship and the right to family life of the Christians of Gaza is only an example of a broader process of implementing the Israeli separation policy.

The organization explained that the goal of this step is to deepen the separation  between the parts of the Palestinian land, preparing for the future annexation of the West Bank.

Israel is obliged  to act in accordance with international human rights law and to respect the rights of Palestinians to freedom of movement, freedom of religion and worship, banning Christians from Gaza from celebrating feasts with family members constitutes a collective punishment.

 and the prohibition of the opportunity to celebrate the holiday among family members is a collective punishment that has no security justification