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Israel refutes Franc invocations re Palestinian clearance revenues
Israel refutes Franc invocations re Palestinian clearance revenues
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation government rebuffed an official French invocation regarding the Palestinian clearing funds, Hebrew channel 12 reported.  

The channel explained on Monday that France ask Israeli government to hand the clearing funds to Palestinian Authorities.

The relation between Paris and Tal Aviv witnessed diplomatic tension , following Israeli prime minister refusal.

The channel published part of French government's letter to Israeli Foreign Ministry in which it called on the Israeli government to cancel the decision to suspend delivering taxes revenues to Palestinian authorities.

Netanyahu refused the French demand in strong letter as saying that " Israel will continue to act in accordance with its policies and in accordance with the laws of the Knesset."

Netanyahu said in his letter that "the French demand is immoral and non-political, as opposed to the European policy to combat terrorism."

Israeli occupation government decided on last February 17, to hold an amount of 502 million NIS of Palestinian clearing funds as a response to the financial allocations made by the Palestinian Authority to the ex-detainees and families of detainees in Israeli jails and the families of martyrs.

Clearance revenue is the money collected by Tel Aviv on behalf of the Palestinians on goods received or exported to and from Palestine across international borders, with an average monthly value of $ 175 million.

Under the Paris Economic Protocol signed between Palestine and the Israeli occupation in 1994, the latter collects taxes on goods passing through its crossings into the Palestinian territories and transfers them monthly to the government in Ramallah.