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Eurovision 2019: FURY as Iceland unveil Palestinian flag in front of Israeli audience
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West Bank, ALRAY -- CONTROVERSY erupted on Eurovision as the Iceland delegation held up the flag of Palestine emblazoned on a scarf during the vote.

Upon being televised, the Iceland team unveiled the flag much to the displeasure of the crowd. When the home crowd saw the Palestine flag, a chorus of boos rang out as the broadcaster quickly switched to the hosts. With the home crowd jeering the act, BBC commentator for the programme, Graham Norton quickly jokingly remarked that it "didn't go down well in the hall".

One Twitter user said: "So Iceland held up Palestine banners after their score was announced, imagine what their winning speech would've been!

"Can't believe we're never going to get to hear that."

Another user said: "Iceland are the moral winners."

Someone else said: "I can't believe that BBC News has just played down Iceland holding up Palestine flags in Israel at Eurovision like it was nothing. "

The controversial move comes as the Eurovision Song Contest got underway amid protests earlier in the day.

Armed police surrounded the Expo Tel Aviv complex on Saturday night as clashes had broken in Jerusalem on Saturday.

Focusing on Iceland's protest, one Twitter user stated: "Iceland thought they were so cool and edgy showing the Palestine banner.

"In fact they just looked pathetic."

Source: Agencies