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Hamas prisoners refuse to move to another section
Hamas prisoners refuse to move to another section
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinian prisoners of Hamas faction in Ramon prison refused to move to another section where jamming devices erected , Haaretz reported Sunday.

Mohammed A'rman, the leader of Hamas prisoners, sentenced to life imprisonment 36 times, informed the IPS that the prisoners will not move to section 1 , threatening of setting fire into cells if they are forced to move.  

In last March, about ten cells were set into fire , few hours after moving the detainees of Hamas factions.

A'rman led the security prisoners' hunger strike in last April, before forcing IPS to knee to their demands and erecting public phones in the sections.

Up to sources of prisoners movement , IPS agreed to allow each prisoner to talk with a first class relative three times a week, each conversation ranges from 15 to 20 minutes.

Erecting public phone is delayed because of dispute between the IPS and the Shin Bet. Under the agreement that ended an open hunger strike initiated by the prisoners movement at the beginning of last April, the phones were supposed to be installed at the beginning of June.

The prisoners movement waged a hunger strike last Abril, later announced suspended, following realizing understandings leading to an agreement to install public telephones in prisons.

Erecting public phones in sections was a central issue in the talks between IPS and Hamas representatives. The leadership of the movement presented the issue of providing the prison sections with public telephone devices through the international and Egyptian mediators during the discussions to reach ceasefire in Gaza. It is provided to find a solution to the issue of public telephones with the prisoners movement, and to respond to the demands of prisoners, in exchange for suspension of the strike.

The agreement stated to return all the prisoners that were moved to Negev prison during the last incursion more than 20 days ago, and to reduce the fine imposed on them from NIS 58,000 to NIS 30,000, providing  to talk about removing the jamming devices later after the installation of the public telephones.