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Israel steels Jerusalemite documents: Moroccan thinker
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli had previously seized 3 million Jerusalemite documents from the  Ottoman archive in order to steal the heritage of Jerusalem, Parliamentarian and thinker Abu Zeid Al Idrissi, member of Moroccan Justice and Development Party, said Sunday.

He narrated some facts about the heritage of Jerusalem during a seminar in the city of Laayoune, the largest city in the Sahara region, that organized by the Justice and Development Party (ruling coalition).

He explained in the seminar that one of the buildings in Jerusalem dating back to the Ottoman era, and that its people would have preferred to stay in the Old City in order to get closer to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

He noted that Israel took over the Moroccan neighborhood in Jerusalem and demolished 135 properties and expelled 635 Moroccans.

He added that the last properties left in the neighborhood of the Moroccans in Jerusalem, is an old construction of one room that called Assalaheya school , and inhabited by Moroccan Aisha Malsalouhi and her grandchildren.

The Moroccan thinker, believed that Al-Aqsa Mosque  is not fall so far is a matter of miracle, because Israel carried out excavations  under the mosque and injected bases with chemicals.

He noted that a Palestinian engineer conducted research that revealed that the Jews were developing chemicals, attenuating the huge stones built by the Ottomans, to facilitate the process of overthrowing the foundations of Jerusalem.

He called for the support of Jerusalem by donations, and media support such as attending seminars, participating in protests, signing petitions and boycotting US goods.

 Abu Zeid Al Idrissi,  is a prominent figure in Morocco, especially in the discussion of issues of Islamic thought. He has previously been a member of the Moroccan Islamic Thought Club (non-governmental), the Association of International Islamic Literature and the World Union of Muslim Scholars.