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Moldova to move embassy to occupied Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Amid turmoil within Moldova’s government, the country’s prime minister Pavel Filip announced on Tuesday that the Moldovan embassy in Israel will be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as the Cabinet of Minister approved the sale of the plot of land for its construction.

 “We are in a situation in which we have to approve these decisions in an urgent manner, given the political instability and uncertainty in the country, as one of the political parties has been always blocking these two important decisions while trying to take over the power illegally,” said Filip in a statement.

“We adopted the decision to relocate the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It was a long overdue commitment to support our allies,” tweeted Pavel Filip.

He stressed that there are two commitments that we have previously undertaken and we want to make sure they will be respected, regardless of what happens after the snap elections.

By this decision, Moldova will become the only European country with embassy in Jerusalem. 

 The United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv last year. Israel has urged other countries to follow suit.