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Palestinians condemn Israeli demolition campaign against structures
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Ramallah, ALRAY - Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned, in the strongest terms, the demolition campaign carried out by Israeli authorities against Palestinian-owned structures and homes in the Palestinian occupied territories, particularly in East Jerusalem area and its surroundings.

The ministry in a statement considered these Israeli demolitions a serious escalation in Israeli ethnic cleansing attempts against Palestinian Jerusalemites and an open war aimed at forcing them to leave the city of Jerusalem as a prelude to take over and Judaize the city and separate it completely from the rest of the West Bank.

The ministry expressed grave concern over these Israeli demolitions and warned against dealing with them as familiar and routine matters or dealing with them as mere statistics that hide their racist and colonial truth.

The ministry affirmed that the international community’s silence over the Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes has reached the point of complicity, negligence, and disregard for the suffering of the Palestinian people.

The ministry stressed that the demolition of homes is a crime that calls for the awakening of the international conscience and morals and holding those responsible accountable through the International Criminal Court (ICC) and competent national courts.