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15 Gaza families forced to live in UN medical centre
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Gaza, ALRAY -- About 15 Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip have been living in a health centre for the past two months after UNRWA stopped paying their rent allowances.

The families, whose houses were destroyed by Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza, have been living in a number of room of the UNRWA-run Saftawi Clinic, including in the director’s office. They were forced to move out of their rented accommodation after they accrued rent arears of over 12 months.

Talks to resolve the stalemate between the families and UNRWA, and have them move out of the clinic have so far failed.

Israel launched a war on the Gaza Strip on 7 July 2014, killing 2,320 Palestinians, destroying 12,000 housing units completely and damaging tens of thousands more, according to official data.