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Israeli air jets bomb areas in Gaza without causing injuries
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Gaza, ALRAY – Israeli air jets stroke early this morning agricultural areas in the north and south of the Gaza Strip causing damage. No human injuries were reported, according to Palestinian media sources.

Israeli fighter jets launched two missiles at an agricultural land east of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip causing two deep holes in the ground, and another missile at land southeast of Gaza City in the north of the Gaza Strip  also causing damage to property but no injuries.

The sources added that Israeli artillery also fired two shells at farming area east of Khan Younis, also in the south of the Gaza Strip, without causing any injury.

The attacks came after Israeli occupation claimed a projectile was launched from Gaza early this morning at Israel, which was intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome system.

Israeli authorities had earlier prevented Palestinian fishermen from entering the Gaza sea until further notice as a collective punishment against the two-million plus Gaza population for the alleged launching of incendiary balloons from Gaza into southern Israeli towns.