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Palestinian prisoners at Ashqelon stage hunger strike
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Ramallah, ALRAY – Palestinian prisoners at  Israeli prison of Ashqelon staged an open-ended hunger strike starting protesting the Israel Prison Service's (IPS) rejection for their demands for better conditions, said Qadri Abu Baker, head of the Detainees Affairs Commission.

Abu Baker said the hunger strike calls for improving the imprisonment conditions of the prisoners, increasing the time of the daily break, halting night raids by Israeli prison guards, and facilitating family visitation.

The 45 prisoners at Asqalan had earlier said that their mistreatment increased since the end of April, with Israeli prison guards conducting night raids and searches of the cells, as well as imposing fines on the prisoners and moving some around as a punishment.

The prisoners have repeatedly demanded an end to what they described as the vicious and armed raids of the cells. The have also called for improving medical treatment for ill prisoners, installing fans, allowing cloths in, among others.

Often when prisoners go on strike in one prison, others follow suit in support. There are currently over 6000 Palestinians incarcerated in Israeli jails for resisting the occupation of their homeland.