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Israel bans the entry of Egyptian and Jordanian teams , friendly match canceled
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West Bank, ALRAY - Due to Israeli refusal to issue permits for the entry of the Egyptian delegation, and the Jordanian Olympic team, the friendly meeting that is set to be held between Palestinian Olympic team and his Egyptian guest at the Faisal Husseini stadium in the town of Ram, is canceled, Palestinian Football Association reported.

The association explained in a statement that all preparations for the meeting are accomplished as well as the Palestinian fans and football fans are determined to go to the stadium to cheer the team.

It noted that Israeli occupation authorities has not issued the permits for the entry of the Egyptian team, and the junior Jordanian team yet, that was scheduled to visit Palestine to hold a training camp during the period from 13/6/2019 until 19/6/2019, which includes two friendly meetings with our junior team.  Thus our people have been deprived of two important meetings with two long-standing teams who have long stood by our people.

The association denounced Israeli measures against Palestinian sport, calling on FIFA, the Asian Confederation and all Arab and continental associations to condemn this Israeli measures, which has become a daily action against Palestinian sport.

It called for protecting Palestinian sport from the arrogance of Israeli occupation and its unjust decisions, allowing Palestinians to exercise sport freely, like the rest of the peoples of the world.