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Qatar to pay for constructing 161 electricity line to Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Qatar expressed its willingness to pay 40.000.000 million NIS for the construction of a new 161 electricity line from Israel supplying the Gaza Strip with an additional 100 megawatts, Hebrew sources reported Sunday.

Qatari envoy to Gaza Muhammad al-Emadi will enter Gaza Sunday to transfer $25 million in aid to the officials in the Strip, Palestinian sources said on Saturday.

The sources expected that Qatar will bear the rest of the project costs, including a 3-kilometer extension of the new power line and its infrastructure. The project is likely to be completed within three years of signing the agreement with the Israeli Electricity Company.

Head of Hamas movement in Gaza Strip Yahya Al Sunwar wave any progress in ceasefire negotiations, noting that it’s a waste of time.   

Member of Hamas' political bureau, Khalil al-Hayya said while participating in march of Great Return last Friday that Palestinian factions in Gaza are watching the outcomes of Qatari and Egyptian mediators , noting that they will not accept any withdrawal of understandings or delays in their implementation.

The Gaza Strip suffers from the electricity crisis since 2006 due to the continued and increasing deficit in the amount of electricity and the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.