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Warnings of accelerated Israeli demolishing process in Jerusalem
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - Jerusalem Center of Socio and Economic Rights warned Monday of Israeli escalating demolishing process against Palestinian facilities in occupied Jerusalem, noting it forms a type of collective punishments.

The director of the center Zeyad al-Hamouree warned in statement that Israeli municipality and civil administration carry out demolishing process in Qalandia, Sur Baher,  Silwan and al-Bustan neighborhood.  .

He explained that Israel put plans to demolish wide parts of Palestinian facilities to build Israeli facilities, noting to the Israeli plans to establish the so-called National Park in Arrababh neighborhood.  

He stressed that the next phase in Jerusalem is so difficult, especially regarding the residents buildings.  He said that dozens of demolishing orders are carries out suddenly.

He called the International Community for immediate actions to stop the illegal collective demolishing process in occupied Jerusalem noting that Israel aims to evict all Palestinians from the city and to settle Israelis instead of them.