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Occupation municipality distributes evacuation, demolition notices to Palestinians in Al-Issawiya
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Evacuation and demolition notices were handed over by Israeli occupation municipality crews to Palestinian citizens in Al-Issawiya village in occupied Jerusalem.


Wadi Hilweh Information Center reported that Israeli occupation aims behind this to set up a Talmudic garden for illegal settlers, which is to be named by the municipality “Patriotism.”


For his part, Hani Al Issawi, a leading figure in the village, said that the occupation municipality is determined to carry out its scheme despite decisions by Israeli courts to freeze the project.


Al Issawi noted that the occupation municipality gave Palestinian citizens two days to evacuate and demolish their institutions located in the area to be turned into a garden.


He added that Israeli trespassing on institutions in that area will be met with legal procedures to stop it.


Al Issawi indicated to the insistence of the village residents to adhere to their rights of staying in the area and keeping their institutions there, saying that residents of the village will continue to strongly oppose the establishment of Patriotism garden at the expense of their lands and interests.