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Israel demolishes 13 Palestinian buildings under PA authority
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli Supreme Court approved Tuesday the demolishing of 13 buildings consist of 100 housing unit in the Sur Baher town in occupied Jerusalem.

The buildings are built Wadi Hummus neighborhood that is located in   “Area A” of the occupied West Bank, but which now lie inside the route of the illegal Separation Wall.

The buildings are in Wadi Hummus which is located on the edge of Sur Baher, in southeast Jerusalem. As described by Haaretz, “unlike the rest of the village, this neighbourhood lies beyond the city’s municipal boundaries, in the West Bank”. Most is designated “Area A”, under the administrative control of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

In 2003, the Separation Wall was re-routed so that Wadi Hummus ended up on the so-called “Israeli” side, even though “legally it is considered to be part of the West Bank and under the PA’s authority”.


While “building permits for the construction were issued by the PA’s planning ministry” seven years ago, the Israeli military “issued an injunction banning construction of buildings within 250 meters” of the Separation Wall.


People of Sur Baher village explained that Wadu Hummus is the only remaining area of expansion from the besieged village with the Israeli neighborhoods and the separation wall.

In recent years many buildings are built by a permission  of PA planning offices, that inhabited by spouses and families from the village.

However, seven years ago, the commander of the central area in the Israeli army issued an order prohibiting the building 250 meters from the separation wall.

The residents of the village explained that the order are not published , the planning authority in the village is under the Palestinian Authority. Two years ago, the Israeli army issued demolition orders for 13 new buildings that violate military law.

They argued that “the army does not have the authority to demolish buildings that received building permits from the PA, that the order was not publicised”, and, that they had built their homes without knowing that the Israeli army “had prohibited it”.

Israeli occupation authorities started building  the separation wall between West Bank and Israel in 2002, under the pretext of banning terrorist attacks.

Estimation noted that the total isolated area of Palestinian lands is 280 km in 2012,  a 12% of lands in West Bank.

In 204 the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ) has adopted an advisory opinion condemning and criminalizing the annexation wall. The court's decision, Israeli settlement in all its forms, is illegal and contrary to law and international legitimacy.