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Israel examines its combat to choose the best for any war with Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Southern command of Israeli occupation army is to test its military unites to examine which is fit to fight in any next war with Gaza Strip, the military analyst of Hebrew  Wala  site, Amir Bouhbut revealed Monday.

The site reported that the chief of general staff of Israeli occupation army, Aviv Kochavi, will determine which military combat units will lead the next war with the Gaza Strip.

According to the site , the southern command is carrying out different types of tests to all combat units , including training  maneuver simulating complex scenarios in order to choose the best combat units in the regular service and reserve that are supposed to fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip in any next war.

The tests and maneuver will be accomplished next months, then reports will be submitted to Kochavi to choose the combat units that will participate in any next war with Gaza.

The site quoted military sources as saying that Kochavi has concentrated the training on the importance to kill as many as they could from the enemy in Gaza Strip.