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Palestinian businessmen in US reject economic meeting in Bahrain
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Washington, ALRAY – US-based Palestinian businessmen expressed today their rejection to the economic meeting planned to open in the Bahraini capital, Manama, tomorrow.

George Habib said that Palestinian businessmen in the US are against the Bahrain meeting, stressing that they would not sell their right for an independent Palestinian state.

“How could the US administration, which cut all aid to the Palestinian people and moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, offer financial privileges to the Palestinians,” he wondered.

Basem Hishmeh, another businessman, stressed that an economic solution should not be an alternative to a political one.

He said Palestinian businessmen in the US were united in their rejection of the meeting, adding that Palestine in not for sale.

Mohammad Karajeh, on the other hand, said that anyone who has agreed to take part in the Bahrain meeting will be acting against the general Palestinian national consensus and represents only himself.

Mahmoud Jaser added that top businessmen who were invited to the Bahrain meeting have declined the invitation prompting the US administration to offer financial enticement to lure some into attending the meeting.

However, he added, no one was willing to sell their cause for money.