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Israel to return the body of Eshteiwi 13-year-old-boy
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces decided Tuesday to hand the body of Palestinian child shot dead by Israeli forces three months ago east Rafah Gaza Strip.

A source in the Palestinian communication office reported that Israeli occupation authorities has informed them with the decision to hand the body of Ishaq Eshteiwi; his body had been taken three months ago  after being shot dead east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Eshteiwi has surrendered to his injuries in April 14, 2019 that he sustained in April 3,2019 when he along with two of his friends tried to infiltrate the border with Israel.  

His family has recently  started judicial proceedings in order to returned the body of his son from the Israeli occupation, it assigned Al Mezan Center for Human Rights to raise a lawsuit to Israeli occupation court to recover his body.

Releasing the body of Eshteiwi, the number of the bodies of Palestinian martyrs that has been killed since the beginning of Great March of Return and are  held in Israel, the number is decreased to 11, four of them are children under 18 age.   

Israeli occupation authorities followed , long years ago, the policy of holding the bodies of Palestinian martyrs as collective punishment measures.

Israeli occupation authorities restricted the proceedings against releasing the bodies of Palestinian martyrs from Gaza, in order to use them as mean to return their soldiers from Gaza.

Israeli occupation authorities held the bodies of 260 martyrs in In private cemeteries known as "number graves" and more than 15 martyrs in their refrigerators.