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Israel considers easing Palestinian Authority financial crisis
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities expressed its willingness to monthly pay NIS 200 million to the Palestinian authority, Kan Hebrew radio reported Tuesday.

The radio explained that the amount is the fuel tax (blue) that Palestinian authority pay to Israel for buying fuel.

It reported that taxes on fuel was discussed by Israeli minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon and his Palestinian counterpart Shukri Bishara. It noted that both parts agreed on the suggestion.

According to the radio, "If they agreed on the suggestion, it will slow the pace of the PA budget deficit resulting from the tax crisis with Israel, from NIS 600 million to NIS 400 million per month."

Palestinian authority pays part of its employee's salaries in West Bank which affected the economic conditions significantly.

Israeli security services warned of the of the impact of the financial crisis on the security situation in the West Bank, despite the continued security coordination with the Authority.