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Jerusalemite children are the first victim of Israeli proceedings in Jer.
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - About 107 Jerusalemite children under 18-year-old got displaced as IOF destroyed 77 Palestinian houses in Jerusalem and detained 720 Jerusalemite minors, Al-Quds international Institution reported.

Al-Quds international institution issued a report entitled " The childhood under Israeli occupation in Jerusalem" describing the sever impact of Israeli occupation on Palestinian children in Jerusalem.

The institution issued the report on the fifth anniversary of killing the Jerusalemite child Mohammed Abu Khdeer , who was kidnapped by Israeli settlers, tortured and burned to death.  

The report said that the Palestinian children in Jerusalem suffers significant risks, because Israeli occupation forces intend targeting them, detaining them, abusing them physically and psychologically, as well as targeting their schools, curricula and institutions that serve their rights and social matters.

The report explained that the Jerusalemite children aged between 0-14 year old, constitutes 39% of Jerusalem population.  

It stressed that children's sufferings exacerbated when their breadwinner killed by Israeli forces; children become victims of double sufferings to the bad needs of their families, and to the occupier who targets them.  

According to the report, the Israeli occupation forces deal with children as if they are adults. They detain sick children and minor girls. They are subjected to various physical and psychological attacks. They are subjected to severe beatings immediately after their arrest. They are transported in military vehicles under constant beatings and verbal abuse, where children are subjected to the worst forms of torture.

The Israeli occupation authorities fined children's families with large sums of money. The total fines imposed by the occupation on children arrested in the Palestinian territories during October 2017 amounted to 78 thousand shekels, equivalent to 21,430 US dollars.

It also sentenced about 300 children to home arrest since the breaking of Al-Quds uprising till April 2018.

The home arrest is intended to restrict the freedom of persons, where the child's home is turned into a prison, and his parents become prisoners. This aggravates the child's psychological distress. The period of home arrest ranges from six months to one year, under conditions that prevent the child from leaving the house and going to school , And in case of violation, they will be fined.

The report pointed out that the dropout rate from the preparatory and secondary schools in the city amounted to 55%.

Targeting the education sector become a priority for the occupation through forging curricula, imposing an Israeli curriculum on Palestinian students or targeting students and schools.

Israeli occupation authorities closed in February 2017  Annoukhba primary school in the village of Sur Bahir under the pretext of teaching materials incite aginst the occupation, depriving around 230 students from education throughout 2017.