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Israeli forces kills 16 Palestinian children in the first term of 2019: Al-Mezan Center
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation army killed 16 Palestinian children from Gaza strip during the first term of 2019, Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights reported Wednesday.

The center said in the report that about 1233 Palestinian children injured ,during the first term of 2019, while participating in the great march of return, and 17 others were detained.

The report stressed that Israeli occupation forces continued its systematic violations of Palestinians' human rights in Gaza Strip, especially the children.

According to the report the recorded data pointed to an increase in the number of killed and injured children as well as detaining them in the first term of 2019.  

The center condemned the restrictions imposed on the people of Gaza as a part of the illegal blockade, that violates the international law and the human rights of the people in Gaza.

It noted that the facts founded that children is the most affected sector of Israeli direct and indirect aggressions.

The report said that Israel's continued violation of the rules of international and humanitarian law is a natural reflection of the inability of the international community to carry out its moral and legal duties towards civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip in particular.

The center called on the international community for an immediate step to stop Israeli's violation of the international law and international human rights law.  

It also called for administering justice in the Palestinian territories, and to prosecute all those who committed or ordered to commit these violations and bring them to justice.