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Israel to construct 216 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israel municipality of occupied Jerusalem approved Wednesday a plane to construct 216 apartments in Gilo settlement to the south of occupied Jerusalem, Hebrew sources reported.   


Ynet Hebrew site reported that the local council of the municipality of occupied Jerusalem approved constructing two buildings, each one with 18 apartments in Gilo settlement.    

The site reported that the project consists of 216 housing units, shopping mall and a kindergarten.

European Union previously noted that Israeli settlement policy is illegal under the international law and hinder the peace process.


The union strongly condemned, in a statement on last June, Israeli settlement policy following Israel announcement of a bid to construct more than 600 housing units in occupied Jerusalem last May.  

Palestinian Foreign ministry stated on 24 May, 2019that Israeli occupation authorities used to expropriate Palestinian lands under fake pretexts then allocating them for settlement projects.

Israeli settlements considered illegal under the international conventions and the Charter of the United Nations.

Israeli occupation authorities turn cold shoulders to all international decisions against the settlement policy and the callings to dismantle them.

Resolution No. 2334 of the UN Security Council that issued on 23 December, 2017 called for an immediate and complete halt to settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.