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Palestinians lose 60 million hours of work per year
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinians lose about 60 million hours of work per year due to chick points and restrictions imposed by Israeli occupations on Palestinians movement between the towns and villages of West Bank, Applied Research Institute – ARIJ- reported Monday.

ARIJ estimated the loss of about $ 270 million per year according to the wage of workers per hour. In addition to an additional fuel consumption of about 80 million liters per year estimated at $ 135 million.

The consumption of the vehicle, which runs at a very low speed for long periods (1 - 10 km / h) according to certain calibrations, is about 0.049 liters / minute and 0.035 liters / minute for diesel engines and gasoline, according to the Institute.

The consumption of this amount of fuel leads to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions by about 196 thousand tons per year.

According to some scientific studies, the consumption of one liter of fuel leads to the emission of 2.4 kg of carbon dioxide.

The study includes monitoring and documenting the movement of Palestinians on 15 major Israeli military checkpoints between the cities of the West Bank and 11 checkpoints / that restrict the movement of Palestinians to Jerusalem and the occupied territories in 1948.

The study used GPS technology to monitor and document the movements at Israeli military checkpoints.

He pointed out that 70 GPS tracking devices were installed on Palestinian vehicles (public transport vehicles, buses, commercial transport, in addition to private vehicles). These vehicles were chosen according to their daily route and movement between the Palestinian cities.

Each tracking device monitors the location, time and speed of the vehicle every 10 seconds, which allowed to calculate the time spent by the vehicle at the military checkpoint accurately.

It noted that it collected data from the beginning of January to the end of July 2018, and during this period it collected more than 18 million readings of tracking devices.

The fieldwork team conducted a traffic count at the checkpoints, where all vehicles passing through these checkpoints were registered within one day from 6 am to 6 pm.

It also used the questioner at the checkpoints separating the West Bank cities from Jerusalem and the occupied territories in 1948 in order to know the time spent by the Palestinian worker on these barriers.

It pointed out that a questionnaire was prepared and a random sample (600 questionnaires) were distributed to 11 barriers used by workers.