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Palestinian detainee died in Israeli jails raising the list to 221
The detainee Naser Takatka
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West Bank, ALRAY - Detainees media office announced Tuesday the death of the detainee Naser Takatka in his solitary confinement in Nitzan prison.  

It noted that Takatka died of sever torture and medical negligence in his solitary confinement.

The head of the Commission of Detainees Affairs, Qadree Abu Baker explained that the IOF detained  Naser Takatka,35, from his house in Biet Fujar town a month a go and took him to Al-Jalama prison where he is interrogated then he put under solitary confinement in Nitzan prison.

A state of tension involved the Israeli detention centers following the announce of Takatka death.

Israeli prison services took strict measures to counter any reactions by the detainees, closing all cells.

The detainees' movement hold IPS the responsibility of the Takatka death.

By Takatka death the number of Palestinian detainees who died in Israeli jails due to medical negligence and torture up to 220 detainees.