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INJUSTIC a book revives the case of five Palestinians in US jails
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Jewish writer Miko Peled revived the cause of five Palestinians were detained by the FPI in US in his book entitled INJUSTIC.

INJUSTIC a book narrated the story of five Palestinian men who were working in a charity institution in US; they were detained under instructions from the then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to the US president George W. Bush.

They were detained under the pretext of working for a terrorist organization.

The five men , identified by the book as as academics and intellectuals, are Shukri Abu Bakr, Mufid 'Abd al-Qader Mish'al,' Abd al-Rahman 'Ouda, from Silwad in Ramallah, Ghassan al-'Ashi from Gaza and Muhammad al-Muzayn from Khanunis.  

In July, 2004 federal agents stormed the homes of five Palestinian families in Texas, and detained the five men who were the founders and active members in a charity institution in Texas, that called the Holy Land Foundation.

Peled , the writer, visited the five men in the prison and made many interviews with them; he took down the events after meeting the lawyers and senior US officials.

 The five men were born in Palestine, then they traveled to US and lived in Taxaz along with their families and studied there where they  completed their university education. In 1989 they founded an organization called the Occupied Palestinian Lands Institutions in  California. In 1992 they opened branches for the organization in Texas , New Jersey, and Illinois.

Al-Ashi was the co-founder and chairman of the board of directors, Abu Bakr the head and executive director, Almazin co-founder and representative of the Holy Land Foundation in California, and Abdul Qadir, a volunteer fundraiser, while Oda was the representative of the New Jersey Foundation for the Holy Land in 2013.

One of the well-known founder is Musa Abu Marzouq, who was deported from America to Jordan in 1997, accusing the charity of collecting funds and sending them to the West Bank and Gaza to assist Palestinian orphaned children, a charitable organization that provides Zakat to needy families.

In 2000, the charity collected about $ 13 million, according to sources in the US government, and some investigations, then Israel asked President Bush to close the institution, and arrest its five members.

Sharon presented a file to Bush on the issue during an urgent visit to the United States in order to offer condolences to Bush following the events of September. The file was rejected in advance during the Clinton period. The charge against them, according to the Israeli version, was the material support of Hamas , and supporting terrorism. The organization has been placed on the list of terrorist organizations in the world.

The writer accused US media of being biased to Israeli story, narrating evidences that rebutted their claims. He condemned arresting the five men and closing a charity that provides funds to poor Palestinian families, children and orphans.

He wrote in his book down the names of poor families that received funds, proving that they are just orphans lost their fathers who killed by Israel.  

The five men were sentenced to long years after long years of trials. The writer narrated in the margin the details of their trials and described their harsh life in US jails.

He defended the Palestinians' right to fight Israeli occupation and their right to return to their lands.  

It should be noted that the writer "Mikko Peled" is a Jewish , a political activist and supporters of the Palestinian cause, and believes in the movement of popular boycott of "Israel", he is the author of the book (THE GENERAL'S SON).