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MoH: Gaza hospitals face unprecedented drop in medicine, medical supplies
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza Strip confirmed Tuesday that it is facing a severe shortage of medicine and medical supplies.


Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Ministry in the Gaza Strip, stated that the health sector in the strip is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of medicine and basic medical supplies.


He stressed that the pharmaceutical crisis plaguing hospitals and medical centers in Gaza is the worst throughout the years of the Israeli illegal siege imposed against the Strip, indicating that the annual requirement of medicine and medical supplies in Gaza is estimated $ 40 million.


Al-Qedra pointed out that medicine and medical supplies provided by different parties to Gaza during the first half of the current year estimated at $ 10 million, which represents just half of the health sector needs for only six months.


Al-Qedra also noted that the decline in responses to our calls along with the patients’ needs deprived at least 50% of the patients in the Gaza Strip from getting their proper treatment.


He called upon all parties to take urgent actions to meet the medicinal requirements for patients in the Gaza Strip.