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IOF commits 628 violations against Palestinians in the buffer zone
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 Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces committed 628 violations in the buffer zone east of Gaza strip during the first six months of 2019, Al-human rights reported Thursday.

The center recorded in a report entitled "Access Denied" 261 Israeli attacks against Palestinian workers and 183 violations against the peaceful marches' east of Gaza.

It also documented 30 arresting campaign that led the arrest of 56 Palestinians, 15 of them are children, and 27 invasion operation.  

The report pointed to seven types o violations that IOF committed in the buffer zone which consists of 35% of Palestinian agriculture lands in Gaza.

The buffer zone located east Gaza strip along the separated line between Gaza Strip and occupied Palestinian lands 1948. It is about 62 kilometers (east and north of the Strip), with a depth of 300-1,500 meters.

Israeli attacks in the buffer zone led to the kill of 32 Palestinians, ten of them are children and women in addition to the injury of 3610 Palestinians, 1205 of them are children and 168 are women.  

It explained that the IOF shelled the agriculture lands and the industrial facilities with arterially and opened fires towards the farmers, sheep herders, bird hunters, and scrap collectors.

It documented 159 fire shoots against farmers, one against bird hunters, 41 against sheepherders, 11 against scrap collectors, and 49 against free zones.

It noted that the IOF arrests any person reach the buffer zone , holding them for different periods, beat them, insult them and degrades thier human dignity.

Israeli bulldozers penetrated into Palestinian lands, raze agricultural lands near the fence, separating chemicals, causing severe damage to plants and causing heavy loss to Palestinians, according to the same report.